Taking My Time

Hi critter fans! I’m here to let you know about a scheduling update for the comic. It’ll be switching from a standard update every Tuesday to a more sporadic, post-when-I-can plan. There’s enough going on with my professional and personal life right now that I just can’t keep up with the regular weekly strips.

But I refuse to let the sun set on my lovely furry and feathered friends! I have lots of job explorations ahead for Bird! Lots of terribad puns and dopey wordplay! And of course, there’s still the squirrel conspiracy to be uncovered. 

As I’ve worked on this project over the years, occasionally I go back and re-read old arcs. There have been a lot of them! The comic has been going for four years now, so seriously, lots of arcs. I talked about making a zine in the past, and I think that format will wind up being the best way to experience Dog and Bird’s adventures. I’m still thinking over what that will look like, but it will happen.

Your best bet for staying in touch is to follow the comic on the socials. I’ll be sharing the new comics there as they go up, and also posting updates when I have a clearer vision for physical copies. That’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr available for your following.