Two things!

Hello! I know things have been pretty quiet here in critterland. The past year has been a whirl, and let’s be honest, the present day is still a whirl. But I have some news.

First, new strips will be coming this month! The exact schedule is still tbd, but there will be new comics ahead, including some changes that I’m pretty stoked about.

Second, today is the anniversary of the first ever Dog and Bird comic. I remember sketching out my early ideas for a webcomic, all the way back in 2015. Even with the breaks, that’s still a long time to have worked on a project. I’m excited to give the critters a fresh chapter and to invent more stories about interspecies friendship and silliness.

So if you’ve enjoyed the critters in the past or you just happen to be stumbling onto the site now, have a look through the archives! There’s some funny stuff in there! And stay tuned for more from Dog and Bird.