Not So Much Visibility (Of Critters)

Sorry folks, but the comic must go on a bit of a hiatus. When duty calls, even the most devoted purveyor of puns must leave the joking aside to answer it.

In the mean time, go check out #VisibleWomen and the related hashtags as mentioned in the prior blog post. Or maybe just revisit some old story arcs of the critters! Remember that whole squirrel conspiracy thing? (It’s totally real. Just wait.) And the Winter Olympics ones, while recent, were pretty fun. Or go way retro and re-live Dog’s discovery of human dating habits. Marvel at the in-jokes about The Bachelor and try to ignore the lack of speech bubbles!

Strips should resume again on April 5. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with your best puns in the meantime. Inspiration is always welcome. Til then, my friends!


I know it’s unusual, but there will be no new comics this week. Things are going to be a little wild over the next few weeks for my various works, so I’ll need a little extra time to get the next arc written and finished up. Normally I’d keep posting the cute fourth-wall fillers, but I think I just need one fewer thing on the ol’ to-do list right now.

But I wouldn’t leave you hanging with nothing happy to look at! So instead of anthropology and puns, I’m sending you to one of the best things I’ve seen on Twitter. It’s the #VisibleWomen hashtag. The campaign started as a way to promote women working in comics, and the latest wave just happened last month. Check out the hashtag for piles of portfolios by wildly talented individuals. I guarantee you will find something that inspires you. And who knows, maybe you’ll stumble on a new favorite comic too.

There have also been similar efforts to get more eyes on other less-represented populations in the field, including both gender and racial identities. #VisibleWomen was the first I saw, but I’m in favor of any moves to improve representation in creative work. So keep both your eyes and your mind open. Who knows what fresh awesomeness you’ll see.

Regularly scheduled critter cuteness will ideally resume on March 13. Til then!