Not So Much Visibility (Of Critters)

Sorry folks, but the comic must go on a bit of a hiatus. When duty calls, even the most devoted purveyor of puns must leave the joking aside to answer it.

In the mean time, go check out #VisibleWomen and the related hashtags as mentioned in the prior blog post. Or maybe just revisit some old story arcs of the critters! Remember that whole squirrel conspiracy thing? (It’s totally real. Just wait.) And the Winter Olympics ones, while recent, were pretty fun. Or go way retro and re-live Dog’s discovery of human dating habits. Marvel at the in-jokes about The Bachelor and try to ignore the lack of speech bubbles!

Strips should resume again on April 5. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with your best puns in the meantime. Inspiration is always welcome. Til then, my friends!