Where’s My Thursday Comic?

It’s Thursday, and yet no comic appears. Is this yet another break? Is this the end of Dog and Bird? Will the critters return?

No, no, and yes!

Dog and Bird is shifting to a weekly schedule. Going forward, all new comics will post on Tuesdays. I have no desire to stop writing about interspecies friendship and silliness. In fact, it was a real treat to get back to it after this most recent break. But across work, life, and other hobbies, I simply have too many projects to juggle and maintain the twice-a-week pace.

I love this comic, and I know it’s at its best when I give it some time and attention. Some TLC. So my hope is that with a cut in volume, the quality will go up and stay up.

Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday!