Two years

I posted the very first strip of Dog and Bird on this date in 2015. It’s so gratifying to make something that’s all my vision, my humor and to keep it alive for this long. I’m proud of the milestone and of the progress the comic has made in two years.

Because wow, has it changed. At the beginning, the art was rough. The joke setup, when it existed, was accidental. The image quality was real, real bad. But any time I look back at those first days of the comic, it still makes me very happy. I see a spark of genuine joy in my early efforts, and that’s why I keep putting in the slow work to keep improving. I do this for my own satisfaction, but also to carve out a little corner of the internet where people can find some happiness.

Thanks to each of you who reads the comic. I’m delighted you also found a little joy in what I do.

Onwards and upwards, critter fans!