Shock, Gratitude, and Chickens

First of all, I can’t believe the comic has been up and running for more than a month! For a project that started as a pipe dream this spring, I’m still somewhat in shock that the comic really is out in the world.

Second, I want to give my most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you readers. Whenever I see the comic shared on social media or a friend tells me how much they enjoy the jokes, I do a little happy dance. (That’s not an exaggeration. I really do bounce around and smile like a maniac. Every time.) So thank you so much for sharing in the experience. I hope you continue to find it as delightful as I do. <3

Third, I wanted to give occasional shout-outs to the other artists and webcomics that I like. The world of Creative People On The Internet is full of awesomeness, and I’m a big believer in giving props, snaps, and signal boost to any person who makes a thing that touches your life. So here we go!

The first artist I’d like to share is Doug Savage, creator of Savage Chickens. When I first committed to making Dog and Bird a thing, I did a bunch of research into what other people were doing. Savage Chickens was hands-down my favorite discovery from that webcomic binge.

For starters, the guy draws on sticky notes. Instant brownie points in my book! But he also has a simplicity to his humor. Jokes require a setup, so his ability to get a surprise punchline out of just one or two panels is impressive. The writing is tight, the cast of recurring characters is strange, and you’ll find yourself relating to chickens in ways you never would have imagined.

So if you’re not familiar, go check him out! Got a comic or an artist who should be on my radar? Drop me a note on Twitter (@AnnaGetsPithy/@dogbirdcomic) or by *gulp* email (

Have a happy weekend, all!