PyeongChang 2018

Aren’t the Olympics wonderful? I’ve been marathoning pretty much any and all the events ‘round the clock. Thank goodness for vods, or I’d look just as zonked as Dog.

My favorite part of this Winter Games has definitely been the halfpipe snowboarding. The whole sport seems to have a refreshing amount of camaraderie. The riders usually had hugs for each other and smiles for the camera after their runs, good or bad. Even the commentary duo (at least the pair on the event stream) had kind things to say about each and every athlete. It was exciting to see the whole international crowd being so driven to perform their best while still keeping that bright attitude. Besides, it seems to be an unspoken prerequisite that all snowboarders are total cuties. What’s not to love?

I’m happy to have Dog and Bird learning about this unique event. I think the comic was running during the 2016 games in Rio, but I was in the middle of the critters’ most narrative story arc and so they never got to talk about them. Given what a fascinating slice of humanity they reveal, expect a few more strips putting an anthropological lens on the Olympics. I promise there won’t be any more quips about competitive guacamole eating. (Unless the IOC gets back to me…)