Betrayal! (aka The Comic I Should Have Known About)

People. I’m very unhappy with you.

How is it possible that nobody, not a single one of you, ever told me about NPC Comic? It’s about MMOs! And an awesomely dorky gaming couple! And TALKING CATS! It’s basically my life! (In a perfect world I’d have two talking dogs, but minor detail.)

I can only guess that everyone assumed I was already familiar with Mary Varn’s most fabulous adventures in gaming nerd-dom. And let’s face it, considering she’s been making the comic since 2009, I probably should have stumbled across it before now.

Maybe it’s my fault.

I’m sorry I lashed out. Let’s be friends again.

Anyhoo, I’ve got another blog post in the works for next week and some supremely silly stuff about to happen in the lives of Dog and Bird. So stay tuned to this space, drop me a line if you want to chat, and have a happy Halloween!