A post about other people

Hey critter fans,

The comic is off this week while I catch up on some work projects. (Yes, that does mean playing lots of video games and yes, it really is for my job). Besides, I have a very definite vision for the next few strips and I want to take the time to do them well.

The story will resume on Aug. 30, but I will not leave you without other cool things to look at and read in the meantime!

I’m fortunate to have many incredibly talented people among my circle of friends. M.S. Khan is one of the sharpest, smartest people I’ve ever met. She wrote a short story called Benjakiti Park that was published in a collection by The Bangkok Women’s Writers Group. Her work there is excellent, but you can read the entire anthology on Amazon.

Sarah Lokay is another delightful human. She’s a freelance illustrator/artist who also has mad animation skills. She also has incredible hair. Take a gander at her stuff on the Twitters  and on Tumblr (fans of Bioware games, take note!).

Enjoy, and see y’all next week!